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The 6-week Masterclass LIVE journey will give you the clarity to get connected to your internal compass (i.e. your soul/spirit and/or higher self) so you live your life with certainty and confidence. You'll be given the tools to break through to the next level of you, mentorship, community, and the support required so you can start living your purpose. If you're ready to go home to your whole, worthy, authentic, sovereign, and complete self, then join us! This transformational course utilizes the principles of neuroscience, psychology, and subconscious reprogramming, which is guaranteed to help you completely shift your reality.

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Self Guided

If you're not able to make the live Masterclass but still would like to sign up, explore the opportunities of a self-guided journey.

I'm Ready!

If you're ready to write a new story + create a life beyond your current reality then grab our hand and let's go!

No matter where you're at you this course will meet you there.

  • A woman who feels worthy and deserving never talks poorly about another. She is not jealous, she is inspired she knows that if she doesn't yet have it, it's possible for her to through the modeling of expanders. Our minds need to see it to believe it! We are going to teach you about this!
  • A woman with an abundant mindset doesn't think twice about investing in her growth, and she never puts another down for showcasing their success or discourages them from investing in themselves. They support, collaborate instead of competing and comparing, and trying to hold them back because of FOMO.
  • A woman who knows who she is, and who is showing up in her truth and higher self will never talk gossip or talk about another woman who is shining their light. We are going to teach you to BE THE LIGHT!

We judge only what we desire for ourselves, and see in others what we aren’t yet showing up for it ourselves because we aren't embodying, and BEing what we desire. We don’t judge what we already embody. 

We don't want to just tell you - We want to show you to achieve this for yourself, and it starts with unblocking low self-worth and self-sabotaging behaviors. When you start to heal your unworthiness wound you'll recognize that you’re also worthy of having everything others have. The only difference is you haven’t yet claimed what’s yours.⁣ It's time to stop letting the smaller version of you order off a limited menu of what's possible!



The Pursuit Of BEing Enough

Are you tired of chasing love, acceptance, validation, money, worthiness in the form of relationships, jobs, and your appearance?

Are you tired yet of feeling like you're not enough, of something?⁣

⁣Are you tired of going through every single day wondering if you did enough, are enough, gave enough, cared enough? ⁣
⁣What if instead you decided that you ARE enough today. Right now. ⁣

That you’re doing enough.⁣
Giving enough.⁣
Are smart enough.⁣
Are beautiful enough.⁣
Are loving enough.⁣
Are successful enough.⁣

Because the truth is we are ALL enough, but we’ve been so conditioned to believe that we’re inadequate. ⁣What are we finally hoping to obtain from the relationship, account balance, the likes, success, and the number on the scale? 

When I really drop into these questions, the answer is worthiness. We play the when then game: When I finally look a certain way, get the guy, the job, the house, the car ...  then I will finally be enough. And when I am finally “enough” I can avoid the pain of feeling rejected, unworthy, abandoned, alone, then they will finally see that I AM worthy of their love, connection, and presence.




It's about accepting, and integrating all of you - both the light and the darkness, your shadow. Until you can embrace and reintegrate all of the parts of you that you disowned to be accepted you won't feel worthy of anything you want. 

Your programming and your pain is not your fault, but healing so it generationally stops with you, is your responsibility. You didn’t get to consciously decide how your story started, but you do get to decide how it ends and this is what Breakdown to Breakthrough is all about, rewriting that beautiful story of you. 

This is your butterfly journey. No one ever said breaking out of the cocoon would be fun, or easy, but the time is now, the journey is WORTH it and and I know if you're reading this, you're ready.


If YOU don't see your worth, you'll always choose people who don't see it either.

This is the journey we will take together, a journey back to yourself. Your true self, who you were born to be before everyone told you who or how to be. 

Until you're able to accept yourself completely and heal the worthiness wound you'll continue to:

  • Feel "not enough" or broken.
  • Feel like something is "off", that nothing makes you happy
  • You'll feel unlovable and guilty for who you are.
  • Shame will run the show.
  • Self Sabotaging Patterns
  • People pleasing and lack of boundaries.
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others.
  • Controlling and judgemental.



Are you full of self doubt, do you find yourself feeling fearful and anxious?

  • Do you compare yourself against perfect strangers on the internet and allow your ego to tell you that you're failing at life?
  • Do you self criticize?
  • Have you said affirmations, tried meditating?
  • Are you feeling frustrated + depressed because after all the work, you still feels like it's not enough?

This used to be me, on repeat for years and I was a personal development junkie. Yet I continued to wake up feeling uninspired, like I wasn't enough and was disappointed in myself more than I wasn't. I read all the books, attended the events, reposted all the memes, I was doing "all the right things" yet nothing changed. Until I changed. That's what I'm here to show you over the next 8 weeks. I don't want to just tell you - I want to show you. 



We've learned how to cope, be, exist from our parents

We have fragile egos and boy oh boy do those egos love to judge because it’s easy. Because it takes little thought or asking of questions or reflection. Because it’s what's familiar, the mind loves the familiar, but the time has come to unlearn these patterns that no longer serve us. 

We are taught what to believe and how to act growing up, but we were not taught how to FEEL.

We were expected to believe what our family believed and because our brains work like a computer, we accepted and downloaded those programs because we trusted the source.⁣ Understanding who ​we want to BE in our own story ​means we can uninstall the programs that ​aren't serving ​us anymore​.​

We can't positively think our way out of trauma + past limiting beliefs. Our self-worth is how we subconsciously value ourselves and what we believe we deserve, and we will sabotage absolutely anything that crosses that line. Trust me, I tried to positive think my way out of my rockbottom and the universe quickly showed me who was boss. This is because we manifest from our thoughts and our subconscious beliefs. 

This digital course that I've created is a beautiful container for transformation to happen. My teachings, are my very real "life" lessons from rock bottom out. I share all the tools + teachings that I spent over 6 figure learning. I've done all the heavy lifting and I break it down for you so you have a road map out. I introduce you to yourself the YOU before you conditioned out your essence to get love and feel worthy. Before you believed the fears in your head. Fears are feelings not facts. Together, we will rewrite the story of you so you can energetically show up wholly, vulnerably, honestly and confidently. Week by week we will go deeper uncovering the deep subconscious blocks that exist and are standing in your way and remove them, so you live your highest potential unapologetically. I will guide with actionable steps and journaling prompts to reinforce your authentic self on a conscious and subconscious level. It starts with getting touch with what's standing in the way of you believing you're enough.

8 Week Journey Your Investment $222.00

A sacred self-care journey for women who are looking to get intouch with who they were born to be.

Every week for 8 weeks you'll receive weekly modules and guided exercises to help you breakthrough to the next level of YOU.
Immediate Access to 8 Week Online Course. Private Facebook Group For Support.



Live Masterclass July 27th - Aug 31st $333

*New Masterclass Starting July 27th. Perfect for someone looking for one on one support. Weekly calls + community of support.

  • 6-60 Minute Live Zoom Calls.
  • 6 Bonus Expert Calls
  • 6 weeks Bonus of Expert Training
  • VIP upgrade option/Live Coaching

Discovering YOU Your Investment $11.00

The first step to living a life on your terms is figuring out who you're living for + believing in yourself. 

For your world to change you MUST CHANGE. I'm going to show you what might be standing in your way.

This 32 page guided workbook will allow you to remove blocks that are preventing you from calling in the life of your dreams.


Unblock + Reprogram Your Investment $11.00

Our subconscious beliefs are programmed into us as children, and they determine how we live our lives and respond to the world around us. How up to date are yours?

This 22 page workbook will allow you to UNBLOCK + REPROGRAM your subconscious + limiting beliefs by raising your self worth allowing you to attract the love, career, money, you're trying to call in.

  • Learn to rewire your brain for success. Neuroscience proves that we can literally rewire our minds through subconscious work.
  • Identify and remove old negative behaviours + beliefs and replace them what you want to manifest, vs calling in what you don’t want.
  • Master your mindset and break free from self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Discover your blocks around self care and making yourself a priority in your own life.
  • Find out why your bank account isn't reflecting all the hustling you're doing.
  • Discover your patterns, habits and beliefs that are running the show, and identify where they came from and consciously decide if they're staying or going.
  • Uncover why it's hard to trust other people and you feel the need to be in control.
  • You'll uncover why you have trouble knowing what you want and taking action.
  • You'll  see why you do anything to avoid conflict. 
  • Understand why you believe that you are responsible for other people’s behaviours/feelings.
  • Understand why you compare yourself to others and feel like you're not enough. 
  • See why you have trouble finishing things. Why you lose momentum/drive.
  • Review and then rewrite the stories you tell yourself and decide what’s yours what's not what's true and what's not.

  • So you can move forward and create life on your terms without asking for permission.

  • Uncover your wounding patterns so you can start healing them.

  • Come to face to face with your unworthiness and start treating it at the root level as opposed to the leaf level.

  • Fall in love with the beautiful BEing that you are.

  • Learn to give yourself permission to win.

  • Learn to become the person you were born to be. 

  •  Your programming and your pain is not your fault, but healing so it generationally stops with you, is your responsibility. You didn’t get to consciously decide how your story started, but you do get to decide how it ends and this is what Breakdown to Breakthrough is all about - Rewriting that story. 


These are the types of insights that I will teach you over 8 weeks which are profound, as they will help you understand yourself + others better because most of us are not creating the lives we desire, but are instead unconsciously manifesting lives that are consistent with the beliefs that were downloaded to us from childhood.  Of which, 70% of those downloaded beliefs are disempowering, self-sabotaging, and limiting. Is it any wonder why we're all addicted to something and don't feel enough? 

Hey Gorgeous,

I know that these are certainly some uncertain times, and we're all in this together. I want to help you understand that who you are is always at the mercy of your "story" and patterns and WHO you're choosing to BE. Something that I never realized I had a choice in changing. I was just following the recipe that I was given. But when I RSVP'd to this journey, when I did "the work" my entire identity shifted. 

Positive aspects of our lives (the things we want) are the result of subconscious beliefs of high self-worth and negative aspects of our lives ( the things that we don't want ) are the result of subconscious beliefs of low self-worth. It's all about getting to the root of these beliefs and getting to the root of the narrative, the mean girl inside who is trying and often successfully to have you believe that you're not enough and you're inadequate and therefore have to hide parts of yourself to be loved and accepted. 

The 8 weeks we will spend together are going to transform your entire life in ways you can't imagine because you'll be coming home to yourself. You'll learn where you've had low self-worth or none at all, much like me, and you'll be able to unapologetically give yourself permission to shine because you'll heal and integrate the shadow part of yourself and you'll have a clear understanding of who you are and who you want to BE going forward.

No matter what your past is, you are worthy and I promise you. The work to change your life is found inside of you, so if you're committed it will be my honor and privilege to be your guides on the journey home, to you! 

I'll see you inside love!

Amanda xo


My Training, Personal Development & Certifications

It's important to note that while this course was created from my own personal rock bottom journey, I do have the qualifications to lead you out.

  • Degree in Psychology
  • Over 1000 hours of coaching/leadership training, business coaching + mentorship with my greatest teacher and mentor Tony Robbins
  • Master Certified NLP Practitioner Certification from Dr. Richard Bandler
  • ICF Coaching Certification from International Coaching Federation.
  • Theta DNA Basic + Advanced Healer/Practitioner Certification.

Breakdown to Breakthrough is an online course, that you can take from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet. Upon sign up you will be granted immediate access to the course and for the following 8 weeks from sign up, weekly modules will be unlocked for you to work through. You will also be granted immediate access into our private FB group where you can meet and interact with others who are on the same journey as you. By the end of our 8 weeks together you'll be ready to fully embrace life because you will have a deeper understanding of who you are, and what you want for yourself and you will have the fire in your belly to go after it unapologetically! I can't wait! The power of this work is that it meets you exactly where you're at.

Anyone who is ready to finally surrender to the DO of life and the various roles they play and just BE. Be seen. Be heard. Be loved. Be transformed. Be aware. With awareness, we have a choice. With choice, we have possibility. With possibility, we can take responsibility. With responsibility, we have empowerment. And with empowerment, we have healing. This course is for anyone who is committed to serious change as it will challenge you to your core of who you “think” you are.

This is for you:

  • If you're ready to give up the self sabotage, the self doubt and you're ready to become who you know deep down you were created to be.
  • If you feel stuck in life, and don'tknow what to do next.
  • You're ready to investigate what’s holding you back from being your authentic self.
  • If you're tired of your own BS and excuses and tired of life being "so hard"
  • If you're ready to be part of your own heroes journey
  • If you're ready to stop doing it all alone and are open to some truth bombs + are open to being responsible for where you find yourself today. 
  • If you're ready to learn to trust yourself and others.
  • If you're ready to stop the self-sabotage.
  • If you're ready to stop feeling guilty for wanting more out of life and are ready to create a different life by creating a different you.

Over the next 8 weeks (or however long it takes you to complete the course, it’s not a race it’s a journey if it takes you longer, it takes you longer). We're gonna go on a journey together, a road trip. I will share all my blood, sweat and TEARS ( I'm so happy that I was able to turn my pain into power to serve you now ) We are going to travel places together. We are going to encounter some rough roads, maybe some bad weather and likely encounter a few unexpected detours. We might even breakdown. But know you must survive the breaking to live through the healing.  This course will challenge you at times because meeting parts of yourself that you’ve been at war with, or ignored which isn’t easy to say the least but its freedom. I'll be there to hold your hand and guide you through EXACTLY what to do. From eviction to permission we will travel.

I’ve gone through all the “figuring it out” so you don’t have to. My hallucination is you might even decide to shed some of your own excess baggage along the way.  Much like an airline who charges for each bag, we will explore what each suitcase or u-haul that you’re lugging is costing you. I’ve deliberately spaced the modules out a week apart so you can marinate in it. Do the exercises, and really see what comes up for you. So depending on when you sign up, the next module will be available on your dashboard a week later. There’s a science to this, and to getting you to actually write things down in your journal. It anchors in the lessons and the experience. For ultimate success and transformation depends on you and you have to commit to the process. The only way out is through. 

Why I Created it: Because I believe we need to look at pain differently and be grateful for the opportunity to grow and evolve because life is always happening FOR US. We're conditioned to avoid pain but that's not healing works. I show you by using my own very real story that healing IS possible. Having a magical life is possible. Abundance and success IS possible but only once you deem yourself worthy of it. Until then you will keep playing chicken with the universe and will keep sending out mixed messages because of your wounding. Hurt people hurt people… and healed people heal people. Hurt requires a healer, and the healer requires having been hurt. Therefore pain serves a very real purpose and should be alchemized as fuel for our rising not passed around like a hot potato. This course is my truth, I share my path to healing, and my healing might be very different from yours but it starts a conversation and gives you an opportunity to unzip your own soul and look around. Healing is hard AF and you will run into some rough waters, that’s inevitable, but suffering is optional and I just don't want others to suffer the way I did - so I created a road map out.

Who It’s Not For: Someone that isn’t committed to growth or transformation and isn’t tired of their own BS story yet. This is not for the unwilling. 

Anywhere you have access to wi-fi.

This is your journey. This is not a race and this course won't expire. Your community on FB and I are here to support you each step of the way - no matter how fast or slow you want to take it. Healing and unraveling happens at different speeds! xx

Week one - Life Eviction Notices

Week two - Building Your Wheel

Week three - Your True North

Week four - Excess Baggage

Week five - Test Drive

Week six - Desires & Destinations

Week seven - Mentors & Expanders

Week eight - Permission Slip

  • Each week is filled with prompts, exercises, stories to help you Identify self-sabotaging blocks that keep you from living your best life.

  • You'll bring awareness to your patterns, your behaviours, your limitations, your stories so you can rewire your neural pathways to replace limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

  • At the end of the course, you'll have raised your self-worth, removed the blocks that kept you playing small so you'll to be able to call in the career, relationships, friendships that are in alignment with your highest truth.

  • You’ll also gain community support if you choose to participate in our private FB group and have a better understanding of your most authentic, epic self.

  • In order to complete this course, please make sure you have access to WIFI, and give yourself the proper time to dedicate to this deep inner work.

  • 24/7 Access at anytime that is convenient for you! 

  • No refunds once the course has begun.

"Best decision I ever made was signing up for Breakdown to Breakthrough. The course gave me the confidence to own my past and face my healing eye to eye. It also gave me permission to unpack and have conversations I've been too afraid to have. Since the course, I have gained more clients in my business because I am not afraid to show up as myself. In my truth. Whenever I get triggered or something comes up, I remember your words or I pop onto Instagram to see what you'd say. This Digital Course has changed my life and my business. No words can really express how grateful I am!!!!!!"


"It's taken me awhile to be able to write something that would be meaningful to those reading the comments to decide if this course is for you. Trust me. It will be the best purchase of your life - why? because you actually get to take back ownership of yourself. This isn't your typical slides and audio course. This is really truly a beautiful soul speaking to you and asking you the hard questions. The ones that you wished people cared enough to ask, and the ones that you just want to run away from answering. I can without a shadow of a doubt say that this course has changed my life. Amanda is always in my head and I laugh and say - now what would she say or do here? It's a magical journey into finding you. I laughed, cried, cried some more. Reached out for support and support was always available. I just was so sad to finish because I loved spending each week with her. Thanks from the depths of my soul! You're a brave beautiful being. Thank you for sharing your truth so I could find mine. xoxoxoxo"


"This course has change my life. It's given me the confidence to show up as myself and who I was born to be. Amanda really talks to you like a best friend, she shares her pain and you're able to see your pain in hers and have hope. It's a beautiful journey of surrender. I fought my way through it, and busted through some stories that were holding me back from living my best life. My marriage has improved, my relationship with my kids has changed and I am just a happier person. Free is a word that comes to mind. Thank you for holding space for me to heal! Highly recommend!"


"I'm not quite sure I can ever quite thank you enough for creating this course. My biggest insight and take away was I can do anything once I decide and take action and that life on my terms is POSSIBLE! Your course and your words are like pure soul food. Your writing style felt like you were right there beside me. Your commitment to helping others find healing is unlike anything I've ever seen or experienced. You were also available to jump in and guide me gently back to my truth. When I push "add to cart" I really pushed a button inside myself that said YOU'RE enough and worthy and it's time to OWN that. Your courage to put yourself out there is admirable and honestly because you found your courage, you are changing lives including mine! Thank you! Anyone reading this who is on the fence, do yourself a favor and decide right now that you're enough and worthy of the healing that awaits you! xo"


"Amanda was amazing to work with. She pushed me but it was exactly what I needed to do the hard work. I’ve worked with many coaches throughout the years but Amanda’s technique is unconventional. The way she speaks and explains things is unique and it makes you think and comprehend in a different way. I highly recommend!! xo Candace"


"Amanda has made all the difference for me. I started to follow her on Facebook a few months back and could not believe that she was so ‘like’ me? How could she actually have had so many of the same feeling as I’ve had or still do have and be so successful? Little did I know that once I started to ‘follow’ her I could not help myself but to go to her page and see what ‘gem’ she’d have up next. Each one was better than the last and she was speaking everything I’ve been feeling - All. My. Life. It just never dawned on me that someone like her, beautiful, successful and insightful could have ever had a ‘hard’ time in life. Who was this person she was continuously ‘eluding’ to? This broken, shattered but rebuilt person who has felt as much pain as I have, who has gone to the brink and come back – as I have, who was she? I just could not get enough of her posts and with each line I just knew she WAS ME! How could this be? How could anyone but ME have felt so much pain and heart break but turn it around to be so successful? Is it even possible? How did she do it? I just couldn’t understand? Is this what we should do with pain? Is this REALLY how it goes? Then I realized that yes, it’s really - how it goes…IF WE CHOOSE IT!! WOOOOOOOW … Should we actually allow others to see and know that we too struggle and hurt and think the scary, crazy thoughts? When I told her I’d just bought her course and couldn’t stop crying she told me – "that’s because you’ve just saved yourself, they are happy tears!" They won’t stop – I told her. She told me, "that won’t help you! Then I saw her words, decide, commit, stop the story! It’s - over, let it aaaalll go, it’s no longer serving you!" Just having her ‘with me’ even though it’s ‘cyber’ was such a comfort and truly floored me how ‘in- tune’ she was with me in that instant, she KNEW me, she WAS me and she was going to HELP me! I have never felt that level of understanding or comfort in my life! It’s brought about such deep changes in me (I’m still a work in progress) and now I know - we all are and it’s ok to trip and fall on our faces! It’s ok to ‘start over’ again, its OK to not be perfect! PHEW, what an effing relief!! I’m forever grateful to you – beauty, for cracking and helping those of us who have also cracked and now, through you - know it’s not easy, but, it is possible to put ourselves back together again with renewed vision, courage and strength. Your course and guidance has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in my life and now I’m on a journey of Breakdown to Breakthrough with you as my guide and my sounding board. Not just your courses but your words and your presence in my life - even through this keyboard have been more ‘real’ than actual people standing right in front of me… Forever grateful for you. Love Shirley"


"While it took me almost 6 months to complete, I can't say ENOUGH about how this course has changed my life. I am not the same woman that walked into this course. It challenges your "story" and empowers you to take back control! I never realized how deep my story went and how it was keeping me playing small in every aspect of life. I worked with Amanda one on one because I was having a tough time breaking through. She's amazingly compassionate and was the push that I needed. There was never any judgement but she's a BS detective and calls you out every damn time! ha ha super grateful. Thank you for giving me a second chance at life. xoxoxo"


"Amanda's course "Breakdown to Breakthrough" is a game changer. If you even have slight willingness to change your patterns with self-love and self-worth, Amanda will give you grounded advice & practical tools to help you change your mind when it comes to these deeply ingrained patterns we’ve all picked up along the way. You don't need to know the "HOW" but you do need the willingness to start and Amanda will help guide you the rest of the way. Each session is better than the last, I cannot stress how much these tools have served me in my daily life. She packs each session with so many takeaways and HOLY F moments. Thank you for taking your heart and your lessons and putting them out there for us to not only relate too but feel empowered by."


"Amanda has a special way of relating to people on a real level that makes everything easier to digest and understand. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey. Through this course, you soon realize you are NOT alone, you are NOT unworthy and you feel empowered to take control of your life because your worthy of greatness. The course changed the way I think about life, relationships but most importantly, how I think about myself and my soul. It's a process of peeling back the layers, but if you're committed you won't regret the work required to as she says "unbecome" Big LOVE to you! thank you for keeping me another lease on life! xxx"


"Everyone wants a how-to guide. Someone to tell us what's next, or how to handle something more effectively. Amanda helps us realize this is because we are afraid to listen to what we already know to be true inside us. With this course you have a direct link to Amanda's own thoughts on how to best implement her suggestions in your life. This course made my unbecoming and becoming more realistic for me. It's tough work to undo all that's been done over the course of 57 years. But after completing this 14 week journey ( I got stuck in my story a few times ) I feel like a new person. Lighter. Happier and ready to write my story my way. Deepest gratitude for sharing your hard truth and getting naked so we can too. You are one brave beautiful woman. Forever grateful!"


"I didn’t realize how much baggage I was carrying around and how much of it wasn't even mine to carry. I had such low levels of self-esteem and it was disempowering me and I was miserable and I didn't even know why. I was so used to it that it almost felt normal. But once you learn to unpack and build up your sense of self and you give yourself permission to be happy you wonder how it's possible to have felt so numb and so bad for so long. This is such a beautiful program Amanda has created. You feel like you're talking with your best friend and they're putting your life ( all of it ) into perspective. I had so many breakthroughs that the name is certainly fitting. You can feel the truth and the love she put into it. This isn’t a self-improvement course — it’s a life-changing transformational practice. Life will never be the same! Forever grateful I started following you on social media and it lead me here. xxx"


"This course is such a compassionate, 'no BS' reflection of the courage and strength she has exuded throughout her own journey AND a representation of exactly what you will get out of it if you are truly ready to (actually) change your life and "change your story";This course will push you *so far out of your comfort zone* with its 'hard life lessons' and critical analysis of everything from your relationships to your career and "who you thought you HAD to be" within their constraints...Amanda will illuminates truths in your life that many of us have probably never even considered or been aware of (in ourselves); Through sincere, heartfelt words of experience and vulnerability you'll feel like you're growing *with her* as you tackle your own 'inner demons' and summon the courage to take-back control of your own life, shaping it like the masterpiece you knew you were always capable of Not only do I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you make the jump and try it out for yourself; I urge you to SHARE THIS OPPORTUNITY/ EXPERIENCE with *every single person* you love so everyone around you can experience *the magic* that comes with "giving yourself permission" to change the course (and quality) of the rest of your life SIDENOTE: As an author she's like Tony Robbins, Oprah and (your best friend) got together and decided to write a book that would change your life... Because of this course I've finally come to terms with some very painful parts of my past; her words "released me" from the cages I'd let other people build for me and finally gave me my "glow/sparkle" back —Now my mum and siblings are starting the course and it's opening up discussions that are freeing us all from the misnomers of the past and opening up new windows of self transformation for each of them (Thank you for making this course!)"


"Amanda, thank-you for giving me the privilege of previewing and working through "Breakdown to Breakthrough" with you. We have known each other for at least 12 years and you from the beginning have been a source of light and joy in my life and truthfully from day one - my mentor and voice of reason. You are that one person I can be vulnerable with and without judgment we discuss challenges and barriers and how to overcome them in strength, determination, beauty and class even while in the thick of the "mud", how to rise up despite the pain that was undeserved or unintentionally co-created. Your course has given me the words and visual tools to identify the barriers in my life that keep me from BECOMING all that my soul desires. I hide really well behind work and the all of the DO's because no one can criticize me for working or being responsible. What you show me is that the masks or hats, the utter avoidance is ultimately keeping my "red engine light" perpetually engaged....heading towards a lifetime of not living authentically or with joy. You are so insightful with strategies and emotional tools to navigate my discomfort in segments - at my pace. You are already showing that I have permission to figure out "joy" and what it means to ME and to figure it out on my terms and not to simply please others. I feel hopeful and excited to share this revealing journey that is not for the weak of heart and mind. For those wondering if the course is helpful ...perhaps the best visual I can leave you with is the warrior image Amanda has created for us and together there is healing and strength in learning, sharing and linking arms together in this journey to breaking through...whatever that looks like to you! Amanda thank-you for having the courage and resilience in all you face that you share your healing with us."


"I've been addicted to drugs and alcohol for the better part of 15 years. I've been in counseling and therapy recovering from PTSD. Your words and the way that you break down the journey that I find myself on and the way you compassionately share your own journey has given me more strength than I've ever heard or received from anyone up until this point. It's like your voice just makes sense.You have given me hope to change my life and the determination and the tools in order to do it. I've been a victim of my own making and you helped me realize this by identifying where you yourself were your own poison. Thank you for allowing me to get up and face another day with the courage I need to change my story and ultimate as you say, change my life. My calendar up to now has been a series of appointments and disappointments. Now, its one of hope and anticipation for the next module. Keep shining!"


"This course was not only eye-opening, it was a wake-up call!!!! Amanda’s way of taking you through these powerful exercises is not only kind and real, but you feel like you can trust her with your life. Because of her truth and you feel like you can go there in your own life too as a result. We all need to grow and change, but its the fear that stops us from looking and taking action. Through Amanda and her course, the wall of fear drops and you feel empowered and you want to change and go forward in a positive direction. I conquered fears and blocks I didn't even know I had and that surfaced like ghosts out of nowhere. I've taken control of my life, my relationships and my business as a result of this course. PS - it took me longer than 8 weeks to complete because I went down a few unexcepted rabbit holes. But I reached for help, and Amanda worked with me one on one to get back on track. I highly highly recommend!"


"I must say Amanda’s course was an eye opener. It took me to places inside myself that I wasn’t even aware of. Amanda’s approach to coaching is so real. She walks you through step by step to get you to open up in ways you would never think possible. She tells you how it is and she’s been there through her own experiences. She supports you throughout the process of the course. This course helps you become more self aware of yourself and the things going on around you. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for some personal development."


"I broke down more times than I can count, but my god did I ever breakthrough. This course is a game changer. A life changer. I am NOT the same women walking out that I was walking in. So much self awareness. I wish I had taken this course before I got married, could have saved me from getting divorced. I highly recommend if you're willing to the do the hard work of meeting yourself straight on. "


"It took me about 9 months to complete. Amanda is honest, raw and brave. She created this to spare others from suffering. I still suffered but realize that it was suffering of my own making. I am way more empowered, aware and able to take responsibility for conversations, feelings and people in my life. I upgraded my standards, my friends and got rid of a ton of excess baggage in the way of thoughts, people and things as a result and I've never felt more free in my entire life. Leap! Take the course, I found it by accident, but realize now there are no accidents. Forever grateful. "


"If there was ever a how to guide to look within, this is it. You feel like you are with Amanda as you are taking the course. Her writing is witty, like talking to your friend. The exercises are hard and really make you dig deep. I got stuck a few times and I reached out and was supported in the most loving way. If your curious about why you do what you do. You'll know why after this course. I still go back in after the after and reference the wisdom shared. Thank you for putting yourself out there to help people like us find healing. xxxxxx"


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