Forget your past, who are you NOW? Who have you decided to become?

YOU are the CEO of your own life so it’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to claim what’s yours by birthright.







SHINE is a unique personal development, self-worth, female empowerment event. Created and curated to help women write a new story around self-worth, purpose, money mindset and success.









What if you could immediately shift the quality of your life and your thoughts?  What if you could learn REAL tools that would help you shift on a cellular level so you're able to step even more powerfully into what life has in store for you? What if you believed you were enough? What if you were able to unapologetically own who you are here to BE and stand in your truth? What if you gave yourself permission to be vulnerable? What if?

If you’re a conscious, willing BEing and you’re not seeing the results, the income, and are not making the kind of impact you know you’re capable of making in the world, then you want to make this event a MUST for yourself!

It's really time sweet soul sister. It's time you understand, heal and get the tools that you need so you can start acting like the worthy goddess you areBecause, let’s be honest if you knew how to break that cycle you’d already be living at that next level version of you. Right? 

So, what’s holding you back? My hallucination is ...

  • You're too busy hustling for your worth, addicted to the DO of life and don't know who you were created to BE.
  • You're stuck playing the comparisonitis game.
  • You don't know how to silence fear and you're letting it control you.
  • You don't believe you're worthy. 
  • Your limiting beliefs & story getting is in the way of your ultimate happiness.
  • You're a perfectionist.
  • You're trying to do it all alone because you think there's something wrong with you if you ask for help. 
  • You're attracting the same lessons/people/experiences over and over again because you haven't yet learned the lessons.
  • You're self sabotaging.
  • You're choosing FEAR over LOVE.
  • You think this is as good as it gets, so you're settling. 

Can you relate to these statements, maybe all of them? This event will help put you in a state where you can grow, break the preverbal glass ceiling, figure out who you really are underneath all the stories you tell about yourself. It will help you incorporate new thinking, new passion, and a new, WHY into your life, that'll get you excited to be YOU again! 

  • Embracing who you actually are under all the conditioning and subconscious patterns - and winning the mental game, as life IS 90% a mental game.
  • Not having to ask for permission - to BE you?
  • Fully understanding of what’s actually holding you back and what your actual roadblocks are? - AND creating an exciting go forward plan? That's what we're gonna do! You'll have a workbook full by the time we're done!
  • Facing your biggest fears and letting them all go– so they NEVER ever hold you back again.
  • Owning that self-care is a necessity (not a luxury!)... Imagine being able to put yourself on your own to do list so you have overflow for others without guilt or shame?
  • Being part of a community of women who truly see, support and celebrate you - can and will hold space for you to BE you and you can interact with long after the event.
  • Making a quantum leaps in all areas of life and having FUN doing it! Getting out of your head and being able to change your state in minutes vs months.
  • Experiencing live interventions - Watching transformations and live coaching happening right before your eyes to anchor in your own ah-ha breakthroughs. Might even be you who gets to have a breakthrough live? ( Make sure you're registering VIP!)

This is what SHINE is all about. Empowerment, busting BS limiting beliefs, soul diving, mindset upgrades, all so you can break through to the next level of YOU!

This is your invitation for MORE! 




Hi love! My name is Amanda, and I'm the creator of this event. I'm OBSESSED with helping older versions of me find healing and shortcuts to the EPIC life they dream of living. I'm basically a human sparkler, no matter what you throw at me, I'll always find a reason to SHINE! I'm a self made 7 figure lifestyle entrepreneur, a worthiness coach, strategic business consultant, jewellery designer and a published writer. Recently certified as NLP practitioner, my greatest joy is to help people untangle themselves from their “story”. We’re professional story tellers, some stories are empowering, and other stories are limiting. My intention is to share my wisdom and knowledge through my old limiting “story” so I can help you create the life of your dreams. Because you’re worthy of that!

There are a lot coaches and courses out there that are intended to give your ego a quick fix. Put a bandaid on your pain. Make you "feel" better in the moment. But they aren't designed to actually change your life for the better because they're leaving out a critical component. Your Mindset And Your Beliefs. This is where I compound decades and $100K + investment in myself into a day for you.

See, if you don't think you're worthy of more, you'll never be able to step into that version of you and claim it. If you don't think you're enough you'll keep attracting people, circumstances and jobs that affirm that believe and if you don't tackle your fears and your limiting beliefs and stories you'll just keep repeating history only with different characters. Let's rewrite that story together shall we?


Why I Created This Event

To support other beautiful women, older version of me, have their own breakthrough so they too can live unapologetically, abundantly and show up in the world at a level I know they’re capable of.

When I had my Breakdown to Breakthrough, I didn't have a tribe that could hold space for me. I didn't have a roadmap with shortcuts. I had to DO the work. 

So I'm creating what I wish existed in my own backyard. An immersive event jammed packed with love and magic to transform any willing soul.

You just gotta say YES to playing full out. You can't come half hearted. You gotta come willing and ready for more. See, when I teach you about WHY you're doing what you're doing, and how its all conditioned and automatic, you'll be able to shift, you'll be able to see that it's not your fault, but healing it IS your responsibility.

What To Expect

The event will be jammed packed with Truth Bombs and knowledge that has been amassed from some of the greatest mentors, teachers in the world. Including my very own personal friend and mentor Tony Robbins. NO, Tony himself won't be at the event ... this year ... BUT after spending the last 18 months with him personally, I will be channeling all his wisdom AND I will be sharing with you my rock star friends and mentors who will blow your mind and your heart wide open.

This is NOT your typical seminar. You will NOT feel out of place, or alone. You will not be sitting at a round table being talked at by a line up of speakers. That's not how you anchor in lasting change. You need to FEEL it in your body. You need to wire it into your nervous system. This event will be like a soul-hacking-upgrade. There will be live transformations and coaching. So bring your BIGGEST challenges with you and make sure you're in the VIP section, and you raise your hand so you get a chance to go one on one with us so we can help you breakthrough. 

More in FAQ's


My Promise

If you play full out you will leave remembering your birthright. Knowing and owning that you're worthy of it all. There's only one you and your destiny is pretty amazing. How do I know this? because that's the way the universe works. You were created for a specific purpose and you alone have the keys to unlock your pain, someone else's pain and help raise their vibration. You will walk away with a renewed excitement for life. You will walk away with tools to bust your limiting beliefs and raise your vibration so you can manifest into your life what you're worthy of. 

My speakers will not only blow your mind, but they will blow your heart wide open AND each one will offer something unique. Each one will offer you a coordinate to plug into your internal GPS so you can finally arrive! Right?! Gawd! I wish the event were tomorrow too! 

Lisa Lajoie
Her clients call her their spiritual advisor and secret weapon, audiences call her an Intuitive leader and inspired speaker. Whether she’s tapping into her intuition, working with higher guides or transmitting life strategies and guidance for those who seek it, she gets the Soul job done!
Lisa has been my +1 the healing journey. I honestly would not be the woman I am today without her. Together we will share my journey from rock-bottom 4 years ago, to here hosting 500-1000 people live events and running a 7 figure business so you too can SHINE bright in your own life.
Lisa helps activate higher levels of consciousness, deep spiritual healing and offers immense clarity to the souls she has the privilege to serve. Once you learn better, you DO better.
I couldn't be more excited to share her with you!

Brenda Johnston

It’s time to get honest about what you want in life, to stop playing small and hiding because of what you were taught to believe about money & success. 
After being chained to the same corporate job for close to 14 years and living with debt most of her adult life, Brenda decided it was time to stop playing small. She changed her relationship with money and success and finally turned her passion into profit.
As a high Performance Coach, Brenda uses tools such as NLP & Hypnosis to help people transform on a subconscious level. I couldn't be more excited to have Brenda teach and lead you out of scarcity thinking and into abundance.






All Access Pass 






VIP Registration
Upgraded Seating ( 1-20 rows )
More Visible To Have Intervention or Live Coaching. Proximity is Power.
VIP Mix & Mingle
Library Of Downloads From The Speakers. Value $250.00

We'll spend more on entertainment than education. We'll pay for a concert but not a conference. #Livingbackwards. There are only two types of people: One dreams, grows and works. The other watches, waits, and hopes. Which one are you? Isn't it YOUR time to SHINE?

But it’s up to you to take the first step…

OH! I forget to mention ... you can't bring your limiting beliefs and stories with you ...You ready?

By Attending You're Supporting

In Feb, 2019 I collaborated with Operation Underground Railroad. There is a standing 10% donation from all sales of my #worthywands to support the amazing work this non profit is doing to deter, disrupt and dismantle child exploitation and the trafficking of children. 20.9 Million people are trafficked every year, most are young girls.

A portion or your ticket will go to this very worthy cause as well.

It's time to end modern day slavery.













Do you want your brand at my event? Let's chat and let's see if we're aligned.


It only takes one person to change your life - YOU!

Change your thoughts, you will change your beliefs. Change your beliefs, you will change your expectations. Change your expectations, you will change your attitude. Change your attitude, you will change your behaviour. Change your behaviour you will change your performance. Change your performance. You will change your life.⁣

The moment you stop making the same choices you've always made is the moment that life changes! If you haven't invested in yourself in the past, consider changing that "story" today. You're worthy of this!


Frequently Asked Questions

At the Infinity Convention Centre in Ottawa. Address2901 Gibford Dr, Gloucester, ON K1V 2L9

There are a variety of accommodations located near Infinity Convention Centre. All four hotels provide:

  • Complimentary airport shuttle weekdays between the hours of 5am-11pm and weekends from 6am-11pm
  • Surface and covered parking (at Residence Inn) at no charge
  • Extensive hot breakfast buffet included daily
  • 24 hour well-equipped fitness room
  • Pool, hot tub (at Residence Inn)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

Group Rates Available. at Hampton Inn use booking code SHI

Timing: What I've learnt from my greatest teacher and mentor Tony Robbins is the event will have start time 9:00 sharp, registration starts at 8:00am, but if we are locked in transformations and magic is happening, the schedule gets blown and we go into flow mode. Planned end time, 6:00 pm. Following VIP Mix & Mingle 6:30-8pm

Tickets are non refundable. If at the last minute, something comes up (like a Brad Pitt asks you out on a date or you get a spot on The Ellen Show or family emergency pops up), you can transfer your ticket for a $35 fee. 

Total soul and mind upgrades.

It’s time you give yourself permission...and the day that I've curated with help you:

  • To live your best life and break free of the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back. 
  • To stand in your personal power and replace self-doubt and unworthiness with the truth of who you really are.
  • To heal your relationship with money, breakthrough your financial blocks and finally create the income you're worthy of. Let's shatter that glass ceiling so you can call in the abundance you desire.
  • There will be high energy dancing, deep dive exercises to push you out of your comfort zones. Manifestation Exercises. Money Mindset Hacks. Live interventions. Tapping Scripts to rewire your nervous system. Hypnosis and mediation and breathing exercises to get you primed for success. Networking. Tribe Building. To name but a few .. cause ya know, I have to save some magic for the day, so I can't tell you evvvverrrything!

If you're ready to finally SHINE, then, this day if for you! 

No. There will be no food served, but the venue is close to options.

Accommodation and food are not included.  I would suggest packing snacks but there are some food options and hotels close, or you can order Uber eats right to the venue.

There will be a working lunch break, as you'll have a project to complete and there are a few restaurants and coffee shops close by. Don't worry, you'll feel like a kid again doing it! #promise xx

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Wear whatever you feel your best self in, but you can move in because we WILL be moving and dancing. YES you CAN dance and shake that beautiful body of yours! It will activate the feminine goddess in you! xx

Shine Ticket: Your ticket includes access to the live event and a workbook. Lifelong memories.

Diamond Ticket:  VIP registration. Upgraded seating where you have more of a chance to have live coaching and interventions with the speakers as they will be walking through the crowd. VIP Mix & Mingle and a series of free downloaded files from each speaker value $250.00.

Both tickets will be invited to join our private community of amazingly supportive women, to keep the vibes high and the support flowing post event.

Doesn't matter! COME anyways! I have curated the day to make sure you are supported whether you come with someone you know or by yourself. My thought is birds of a feather, flock together, so I'm sure it will easy to connect with the other like-minded women. I've designed the day to be fun, uplifting and inspiring. This is more than just a group of people at an event, these are your soul sisters fighting the same battles, having the same challenges, feeling the same way you are! You'll be 100% welcome and accepted, no matter where you’re at. Still unsure? Just come find ME and I'll hold you hand and introduce you to some people that will gladly welcome you in and make you feel safe and loved! This is NOT the mean girls reunion, that much I can promise you! 

There are blocks of rooms set aside at a reduced rate for attendees of SHINE. Here's how to book.

1)   Call the hotel directly (613-248-1113) and provide dates and block code SHI and the front desk staff will take care of the rest;

2)  OR go to

  1. a)    Enter city and dates
  2. b)    Click on “add special rate codes”
  3. c)    Enter SHI in the “group code” section. 

The Brand New Hampton Inn Ottawa Airport also offers:

  • Complimentary Hot Breakfast served everyday 6am - 10am
  • Complimentary Airport shuttle (Weekdays 5am – 11pm / Weekends 6am – 11pm) available upon request
  • Complimentary Parking
  • 100% Smoke Free Hotel
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary local calling
  • Complimentary In-Room coffee 

50% Complete

You're so worthy of this!

Let's get you preregistered! Keep an eye out for an immediate email from me! xx