There is an apocalypse on authenticity.

and it's causing us to suffer unnecessarily.

Most women are off-balance to the point of burnout. What I've discovered through my own journey is most ambitious women have a shared personality trait: they aren’t just Do-It-Yourself-ers, they're Do-It-By-Yourself-ers. They are unbalanced in their energy, living too much in their masculinity. We weren't taught to embrace our femininity, our superpower. 

Many physical, mental, and emotional illnesses are born when we are disconnected from our souls. Growing up we choose secure attachment over authenticity to survive and as a result, the Goddess within most of us is sleeping. The Goddess is not the airy fairy - flowy feminine weakling, crystals in the bra head in the clouds - I love crystals but she is not that - crystals are accessories to the inner world they accentuate power they don’t create it. The Goddess does. 

The Goddess is the ideal version of you, without any flaws or insecurities. She is the essence of who you truly are beyond the ego. She moves with ease, grace, and flow that comes from inner awareness and alignment.



BEcoming is about meeting your inner being, your soul, the non-physical part of you, the part of you that is authentically you. The cheerleader within who is always with you, sending you signs, trying to guide you towards everything you've ever wanted or desired. We're disconnected from her because connecting to her isn't always convenient. She knows when things aren't in alignment, she knows when things don't feel right. She doesn't force, she flows. She plays a game of hot and cold, except with your emotions. Positive emotions mean you're close, negative emotions mean you're getting further away. 

 Are you ready to meet her?


You have the power to change your life.

For too long, women have been told that they're not good enough—that they need TO BE someone else in order to be happy, or keep others happy. The truth is you just need to learn to be authentically yourself. In order to be a vibrational match for your desires, you need to be in alignment with your soul. If you're experiencing fear, lack, frustration, anger, and sadness, you are not connected to your soul, you are operating from your ego.

We weren't taught how to be women. We went from being little girls into being a woman and missed the initiation from our Mother Goddess. How could she teach truth when she hadn't gathered her own? She couldn't, so she told us the truth she knew, the truth of others. Anything but her own because she was and maybe is still searching for that. 

This is about your reclaiming YOURS. Your truth. Your essence. Your magnetism. Yourself.

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The Journey Back To Your Authentic Self

It doesn't matter what you are DOing, it's always a question of who you are BEing and the energy behind it.

The universe doesn't give you what you want, what you get is exactly what your subconscious mind believes it deserves. 

To receive what you want in life, those thoughts, beliefs, and emotions must be a vibrational match for your desires. If you're ready to connect back to your most authentic self, live your truth and set yourself free, this experience is for you. 

The world needs healthy feminine women. Accepting themselves, accepting their bodies as beautifully flawed instead of looking at them through the lens of perfection and rejection. You are safe to connect to that all-knowing, unconditional, intuitive part of yourself, when you do you will inspire men to step into their full masculine power.
He can't if you are.
 It's about learning to tap into your divine feminine while using the universal law of attraction and the law of vibration to create the reality you want. You will learn your inner archetypes so you can identify who is running the show at all times. You'll learn to have conversations you never thought you could have, and heal things you never thoughts you could heal.

In case you didn't know, you're a goddess!

You're a woman and it's time to start embodying your truth and live in alignment with who you were created to BE. It's time for you to redefine who you are, and who you desire to BECOME.

When you are disconnected from your goddess

  • You compete in the masculine-dominated world, and you lose some of your innate power as a woman.

  • You forget how to soften once you’ve left work. This causes you to feel unbalanced, stressed, and stuck. You become rigid and lose your flow. Holding onto this Miss Independent Woman energy can feel like wearing a mask.

  • You have a hard time connecting with others, and start to see other women as competition.

  •  You also attract more feminine men into your life. Men that can’t step into their masculine power and meet your needs. They feel weak, and lack drive, they are not the alpha that you desire, because you are. This creates unbalanced polarity and sexual attraction can die.

  • You mistrust other women, experience feelings of separation, you fear of rejection, fear of being seen or heard, you play small, you are unable to fully love yourself, have difficulty in setting healthy boundaries, patterns of victimhood, inability to stand up for ourselves
  • Burnout is guaranteed when you feel constant pressure to strive and prove your equality in this way.

    This is not the way of the goddess.

While the masculine is defined by logic, the feminine is expressed through emotions. We all have emotional selves, but many of us haven't been taught how to understand our feelings and thus compound them instead of allowing ourselves to FEEL them.

Are you ready to finally emerge as the person you're meant to be?

You will Learn:

  • Learn the feminine way of receiving. Leaning back and trusting. This produces the quiet confidence of femininity. Causing people to take notice of your worth and value.
  • Learn to invite energy towards you instead of always proactively giving energy to the other person.
  • Learn to receive compliments, where you would normally block them.
  • Learn how to ask for help, which is another powerful way to receive it.

  • Understand the energetic codes that were downloaded into you. Relationship codes, health codes, wealth codes.

  • Learn to question the codes vs questioning your own self-worth and intelligence.

  • Meet your inner goddess. Your soul and learn to quiet the other inner archetypes that are running the show.
  • Learn to listen to what your soul desires. Everything done from this place is easy and the outcomes are joyous because the choice of the soul is always the highest and best.
  • Learn the 5 levels of emotions and how to lead by the way of the goddess.
  • Learn to go from goes from uncertainty, confusion, pain, and discomfort to an intoxicating urge to live deeper, truer, closer to the source of you.

The coding is ours to crack. Ours to reprogram. Ours to download.

All you need to do is to calibrate to a new knowing, from someone with access to the hard drive you desire to upload from.

She's ready, are you?

Feminine energy is an underutilized superpower. In order to embody the divine feminine, the goddess energy, we must address the places within us where we have felt banished and in exile from the Feminine and breathe life back into her. Once you merge life will never be the same.

Pricing Options

There are 2 options available - PIF with a limited-time offer of a $222 credit, and a payment plan.

Starts Oct 28th, 2022 at 6:00 PM EST


Pay in full.

7 Live Classes With Amanda (60-90 minutes)
Meditations + Visualization -
Private Pop Up Group -
Beautifully Designed Workbook.

*Early bird special. When you pay in full you receive a $222 credit to apply to another program, or towards a one-on-one call with Amanda or use at Worthy Wands. The program BEcomes $555 This will expire without warning.

Starts Oct 28th, 2022 at 6:00 PM EST


2 payments of $444/month

7 Live Classes With Amanda (60-90 minutes)
Meditations + Visualization -
Private Pop Up Group -
Beautifully Designed Workbook.

For 2 payments of $444 or just $111/week you'll form a connection that will change how you see the world, and how the world will see and experience you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a limited early bird offer and it will expire without notice.

I decided to do something different this time and offer a $222 credit for early bird sign-ups. That means the course is only $555. You can use the credit for any other product or course. You can apply the credit towards coaching packages or use it to shop at The credit expires on November 30th, 2022. To redeem you just have to email [email protected] and let us know how you would like to use the credit. You can gift the credit towards the Chrysalis program only.

As soon as you register you will be emailed the schedule. 

We kick things off on Friday, Oct 28th at 6 pm EST and there will be 7 live modules delivered over the course of 15 days so you can BE in the continuous energy for optimum calibration.

Our live calls will be on Zoom and replays will be available within the group shortly thereafter.

It is always recommended that you join the live calls to be in the energy if possible. 

You will be given one month of access to the group and the replays before they vanish.

You can download all the workbooks but the recordings will only be available for a month following the Masterclass in order for you to relisten and calibrate to.

Some are longer than others because of visualizations and breathwork and meditations. 60-90 mins

The first class on the 28th of Oct will be 90 mins.

If you aren't able to remain for the entire call, you can watch the replays.


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