No more playing by the rules of a game you never signed up for!

The Matrix needs to crumble, so you can emerge, as the hero of your own story.

You will experience quantum-level healing - where energetic imprints and beliefs will be cleared as you listen. Without the endless pain and suffering.

We blast it into stardust.

Escape The Matrix is an audio-based course, designed like an Audible adventure. You'll have access to a  library of powerful audio tracks, each designed to clear specific areas of your life. Whether you're seeking to clear thoughts of unworthiness, not-enoughness, anxiety, anger, or grief, enhance your confidence, or  limiting beliefs, there's an audio track tailored to your unique needs. Think of this like a mind cleanse like no other. We're talking about taking the red pill and breaking free from the matrix together. 💊

What sets this program apart is the freedom it offers. There are no rigid structures or predefined paths to follow. You have the power to choose your own adventure within this transformative audio library. This isn't a one-time experience either. Each time you hit that play button, you'll embark on a fresh adventure, opening doors to new insights, breakthroughs, and levels of self-discovery. It's a program where you can trust your intuition, select the tracks that resonate with your soul, and have a clearing. Magic unfolds the first time, and every other time you listen because I am accessing your subconscious mind and talking to it in a way that will cause it to shift.

My intention for this program is to help you transcend the limitations and constraints of your subconscious mind and clear any energetic imprints and beliefs that are hanging out. I speak to your mind in a way that unlocks something. This program is a key to YOUR lock. A lock within you that maybe has remained unturned because you’ve been trying to apply logic and reason to something that can’t be accessed from consciousness, everything is stored below awareness, in your unconscious mind. 

The play button is your portal.

A portal into your subconscious mind.  Just by listening to the sound of my voice, we will unravel the mental constructs that have shaped your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and I will turn a light that will help you understand yourself like never before. The best part is, once the light is on, it can't be turned off.

Welcome to Escape the Matrix: A Journey to Freedom and Authenticity! Let's unleash your true power and create a world where authenticity reigns supreme.


The time is now.

I'm here to challenge the status quo, flip the script, and break you free from the limitations that have been masquerading as truths in your mind. 

Imagine yourself stepping into a brand-new reality, where your thoughts, feelings, and actions become your superpowers. We're not just talking about acceptance; we're talking about a complete mental makeover that will have you saying, "I can't believe I ever settled for less!"

This program will clear the following:

  • I will flip the script on Worthiness. No more whispering doubts in your ear. I'm here to challenge every thought, every notion that has whispered: "not good enough." Prepare to witness your worthiness transform from a flickering flame to an unstoppable blaze of self-assured greatness.
  • I am going to cause your mind to think differently so you can embrace who you truly are and get EXCITED about your life without the guilt, grief, and shame that you somehow aren't good enough. 
  • My words and stories about resistance, and grief will allow you to heal past wounds and create space for forgiveness and emotional liberation.
  • I will cause you to have access to a state of inner peace and radiate positivity in all areas of life.
  • I will give you a deeper understanding of resistance and resentment and how they manifest in your life and clear them once and for all.
  • You will never look at anger, anxiety, and fear the same. These human emotions aren't serving you. I will show you how and what happens physiologically and psychologically and show you the effects it has on your mind and body, and teach you how to regulate your nervous system for optimum peace and personal power.
  • I will cause you to see grief in a new light and help you reestablish a connection with a loved one who is no longer with you. 

Why I created this program:

Because I have lived in survival mode for most of my life, and I've personally experienced the immense suffering that goes along with living within the confines of my own mind, trapped in a self-made prison of limitations. It was through this journey that I discovered the power of the subconscious mind and its profound impact on every aspect of our lives. Our subconscious rules us 95% of the time, leaving us with only 5% of conscious control. How can we expect to live a fully vibrant life with only 5% of our brain power?

That's where my program comes in. I don't believe in doing things the ordinary way because ordinary results are not what I'm after. I'm on a mission to eradicate human suffering by giving minds a total makeover. I want to challenge the traditional notions of healing and transformation because I know there's a better way. I went from being completely dysregulated and surviving, to thriving and I want that for you too!

"Escape the Matrix" is the ultimate rebel with a cause, waving goodbye to the outdated ways of transformation. 

I have this uncanny ability to make minds do a happy dance. If you've had the pleasure of working with me before, you know the magic I bring. And if you haven't yet experienced it, well, get ready for a delicious treat, unlike anything you've ever encountered.

You get me in your ears for 4.5 hours and it's not just a one-and-done. The more you listen, the more your subconscious mind gets updated. I do all the heavy lifting, all you have to do is press play.

See you on the inside. xo


WARNING: side effects may include

Increased levels of courage unleashed creativity, and an unstoppable drive to chase your dreams. Proceed at your own risk – the rewards are extraordinary, and the journey promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. Buckle up and get ready to rewrite your story in ways you never thought possible. Your epic transformation awaits!


Lifetime access is immediate.


$333 USD

Lifetime access to 8 Different Audios

Check me out, literally!


$400 USD

Lifetime access to 8 Different Audios

Take my money!


This is not a traditional course in the conventional sense. It's an audio program kinda like audible, and it doesn't involve you actively engaging in work or assignments. Instead, all you need to do is press play and listen. The primary focus of this process is to directly communicate with your subconscious mind, enabling it to undergo updates and transformations. Through this method, I take on the responsibility of doing the work while you passively absorb the information. By clearing any stagnant or obstructive data, I provide you with a fresh perspective and introduce new ways of perceiving and approaching life's challenges.

Across these eightepisodes, we delve into a comprehensive range of challenges and obstacles that can hinder personal growth and fulfillment. Whether it's overcoming self-doubt, managing stress and anxiety, fostering healthy relationships, or facing fears, each episode tackles a specific aspect of our lives that can benefit from transformation. By addressing these core pain points, this program empowers you to navigate life's complexities with greater resilience and clarity, unlocking your full potential for long-lasting positive change. The content is carefully crafted to be easily accessible, allowing you to listen and learn on the go. Whether you're commuting, taking a walk, or simply seeking a convenient way to integrate personal development into your daily routine, you can take advantage of the flexibility this program offers. By immersing yourself in these valuable episodes during your spare moments, you can make the most of your time and effortlessly absorb the transformative wisdom that awaits you. 

You'll be pleased to know that this program offers lifetime access, allowing you to revisit the content whenever you desire. The resources and materials provided will be available to you indefinitely, granting you the flexibility to engage with them at your convenience. Additionally, there's even a possibility of receiving updates in the future, should I feel inspired to enhance or expand upon the existing material. 


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